Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland...

My name is Casey. Welcome my blog about my ♥ of food and fitness...with a little sprinkle of my life. I'm a foodie in motion and strive to live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying indulgences along the way.

I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2011 and have been exploring the city ever since. Like to think of this place as a rich cultural mecca full of incredible things to do, see, eat and experience. I've been surprised at how much this city offers and proud to call Atlanta home.

My favorite things to eat range from organic produce, fresh veggie juice and green smoothies to macaroni & cheese, veggie burgers and brunch. I also adore sampling all of Atlanta's finest food trucks. Keeping this blog positive, my food-related posts are either recipes I created or restaurant meals I loved.

Enjoy the blog, and bon appétit!