The third annual Atlanta Street Food Festival seemed like a huge success this past weekend as the lines just got longer with the afternoon hours. A row of over 40 Atlanta food trucks gathered in Piedmont Park for a day of food, music and fun. The whole experience reminded me of a modern tapas while dining al fresco... 

Only it felt we were melting at about 100 degrees, and had to get hydrated upon arrival. "Vodka with Lemonade Chaser" as they say, this is a dangerously delicious drink in the heat. (I could have ordered a gallon, easy.)

Proceeds from the event were donated to The Giving Kitchen, a non-profit Atlanta charity that supports restaurant community workers in times of need. Get more information here: The TGK Story

Chicken Teriyaki Rice @ Bento Bus

Mixed Brown/White Rice, Lettuce, Green Onions, Protein, Signature Sauce,
Tempura Bits & Nori

My first experience at this truck was excellent. Loved being able to choose a protein to go with the entree -- great idea. Next time I'd try the non-GMO organic tofu! The dish was light and filling with a nice crunchy tempura on top.

Lobster Roll @ Ibiza Bites

This food truck has been on my list of favorites for years now. Gourmet and sometimes healthier options are always fresh on point. Decided to try the Lobster Roll this time and loved the roasted corn mixed in -- very summery.

Pancetta Baked Oysters @ Firewall Wood Fired Oven

My first time at this truck as well. One oyster was tasty, the other was not. Unsure what happened there, but overall flavors were great.

"Oh My Goodness" Mini Cheesecake @ Cheese Caked

Signature Cheesecake crowned with Brownies, Caramel, Pecans and Whipped Cream,
hence the name “Oh my Goodness”

I adore mini desserts, and these cheesecakes were too cute to pass by. Not exactly a "food truck" because they were sold out of a tent, but this is such a great alternative to cupcakes. I loved the bright display and mini silver plastic spoons.

Honorable mention goes to W.O.W! Food Truck, another one of my long-time Atlanta favorites. Their arepas and veggie burgers are fantastic. Congrats on all the PR lately, guys!

Another bonus for this event was the fact that they created a mobile app, which displayed the food trucks and their menus along with other relevant event information. Awesome way to plan how to navigate eat through the event!

Had an excellent time in the park, and even got some sunshine without really trying. Looking forward to more food truck events this summer!


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