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Spring Herb Garden

Having an herb garden has been on my list for quite some time. The weather has been so great lately and got into the gardening mood, so I picked up all the supplies needed to make this wish list item come to life.
Assortment of organic potted herbsGardening containerOrganic fertilized soilBasic gardening tools: gloves, mini shovel and watering can
Someone remind me why it took so long to do this?! The whole project took about an hour, including the trip to the market and garden center for supplies. Living in an apartment means that the only outside space is the little patio. Good thing it gets a fair amount of sun from morning to early afternoon!

The hooks that came with the gardening container (lined with coconut shell) did not attach well to the guard rail. The plan is to get some s-hooks or snap hooks to clip it onto the metal.

Overall I'm happy with this little project, and it's been fun to pinch fresh herbs for meals too. I see more mint spritzers and basil pesto in the n…