So thrilled today is the first day of SPRING!! 
Bring on the fantastic weather, picnics in the park, outdoor festivals and concerts. I love this time of year because it's gorgeous outside, blooms everywhere in Atlanta, and there's always a reason to go out and about. Here's my short list of things to experience this season:

Plan a picnic (or ten) in the park
Spring clean the apartment (and car) from top to bottom
Keep fresh flowers at home all season long
Arrange food truck lunches with coworkers
Plant a potted herb garden
Eat and drink on restaurant patios
Visit local farmers markets and cook with seasonal produce
Read outside in the fresh air with a glass of wine
Take Roxy on more walks on the Beltline and parks
Eat lunch outside at the office picnic table as often as possible
Stock my closet with sundresses, skirts and sandals
Take a few day hikes around Atlanta
Spend a weekend on the Georgia Wine Trail

Cheers to a beautiful season!


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