Let's face it, being healthy and fit doesn't just happen. If it did we'd all be as fit as fiddles... forever. You know you have to work for it, and if you don't use it you lose it. The key to taking on the challenge of altering your lifestyle to become healthier and more fit is PLANNING. Here are a few things that I've personally found helpful in forming healthy habits.

Meal Planning

Each Sunday, or whatever day works for you, take a few minutes to map out your meals for the week. Not only does this help with prepping for healthy eating, but its also beneficial for making shopping lists for trips to the market.

I found this handy weekly whiteboard at Target (made by Board Dudes) and couldn't resist bringing it home with me. Using a different color marker for each meal / person has been fun and useful to see the week at a glance.

Green = breakfast for both of us
Blue = fiance's lunch
Pink = my lunch (eating lots of salads these days)
Orange = dinner for both of us

Sometimes I add in snacks or drawings of produce. Good thing about whiteboards is that you can easily update and change things around as needed. I like to leave at least one day open for eating out, and of course I schedule in brunch (its by far my favorite meal). Love this board because it takes the guess work out of what we're going to eat for the week!

Workout Calendar

Each month, schedule in your workout sessions like appointments on your calendar. Set alerts, reminders or alarms, and lay out your workout clothes or pack your gym back the night before to prepare. The only person you'll cheat is yourself if you skip out on your workouts!

I've recently started using this super cute Excel calendar (download here), which allows customization by year and first day of the week. Each little rainbow bear head denotes a month in the year, and I love the colors. Simply fill in your workouts at the start of each month, or use the calendar to mark off completed workouts.

In order to be prepared for obstacles along your fitness journey, make planning FUN and a part of your routine!


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