{ my photo from Atlanta Botanical Gardens }
Happy to say "bonjour" to March because that means 
SPRING is around the corner! 
Can't wait for warmer weather, long strolls in the sunshine, 
flowers everywhere and picnics in the park.

The new moon is today, which is an excellent time for setting intentions (and stargazing). Earth's moon has a natural gravitational pull on our bodies since we're comprised of 60% water. Just think of the moon's affect on the tides! I enjoyed this video by astrologist Kathy Rose that gives her perspective on today's full moon.

March 2014: Progress & Intentions

Measurements/Weight Progress:

  • From February 1, 2014 to March 1, 2014 (today) I've lost a total of 6.25 inches and 5.2 pounds
    • Zero inches gained and lost 2.75 of 3 inches gained in January
    • Most inches were lost around my torso and arms
    • Lost less than expected in my legs, 0.75 only on the left side
  • Cumulative progress since December 2013: 7 inches, 8 pounds
Workouts and Insights:
  • I exercised 9 times in February (13 in January, 6 in December), all T-Tapp workouts and walking
  • My back/neck/body pain has improved a bit since last month
  • As I posted earlier this week, we're halfway through the T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge and I will be solely doing the T-Tapp workout and walking until the end date of March 25, 2014
  • Think I deserve a little prize! Maybe one of the fitness gear items from my list.
March Intentions:
  • Keep up with my T-Tapp schedule, and successfully complete the Challenge
  • Body brush daily ("don't rush the brush")
  • Schedule a massage, and discover a
    far-infrared sauna
  • Buy local food as often as possible (farmers markets, Natures Box)
  • Continue to drink lots of water, cut out gluten and reduce dairy intake
  • Relax, breathe and let it flow; Meditate (aka unplug and sit quietly) for 5 minutes each day

Ready to see what this lovely month springs into my life!

P.S. I found a super cute (and colorful) Excel worksheet for my March fitness game plan. Will share it on the blog soon!


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