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February 2014: Progress & Intentions

{ Instagram from my snow day last week }

Here we are, already one month into 2014. I meant to publish a post about my January fitness intentions a month ago, so since the time has already slipped away this is now my February post.

I've been putting more energy into improving my health lately -- working on being consistent with exercise and eating better overall. Here's a quick recap of my progress, what I did to get here and my intentions for February.

Measurements/Weight Progress:
  • From December 2013 to January 2014, I lost 4.5 inches and almost 2 pounds. 
    • My leg measurements evened out with only a half an inch gained, but besides that I gained zero inches. Very pleased with this progress!
  • From January to today, I gained back 3 inches and lost 1 pound.
    • Half of the inch gain is around my mid section and is related to what T-Tappers calls the "fat shift." I lost half an inch in my abs, which appears to have shifted up to my waist and rib measurements. My legs shifted a bit too and are no longer even as the were at the beginning of January.
  • Cumulative loss since December 2013: 1.5 inches, 3 pounds
Workouts and Insights:
  • I worked out 6 times in December and 13 times in January, some short and some longer. Mostly all T-Tapp workouts, a little yoga/stretching and a few walks.
  • There were several times last month that my diet slipped and I skipped several workouts.
    • I celebrated my birthday in the Georgia mountains on January 24th, and everything went out the window last week when I had my first snow days in Atlanta.
    • I also slipped on ice and the impact took me down for a few days. (Bruises are no fun.)
  • My back/neck/head/body have been aching quite a bit, regardless of more consistent workouts. Would love to feel better, and may look into alternative methods of healing (or at least get a massage soon).
February Intentions:
  • Take on the T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge, starting now! I entered officially near the end of last month and was accepted today.
    • Workout plan is to move daily:  Full workouts 3-4 times per week (30-60 minutes each), Short workouts/stretching 3 times per week (5-20 minutes each)
    • Body brush daily
    • Post in forms weekly, and read for motivation
  • Drink 8+ glasses of water per day
    • Include hot lemon water/green tea in the morning
  • Eat 5+ servings of produce daily
  • Record food and fitness on SparkPeople daily
  • Only drink alcohol on weekends, and stick to red wine or champagne
  • Be present and listen to my body
That's all for now. Here's to a productively healing month!


Benefits of Face Brushing

You've heard me talk about Body Brushing and all the wonderful health and beauty benefits that come along with it, but what about Face Brushing? You can brush your face and neck and get the same type of benefits as body brushing delivers! Facial brushing removes dead skin and stimulates circulation , which firms and improves skin tone . Your skin will become softer and smoother ! It's like a mini facial massage every time you brush, a fabulous way to spoil yourself during your daily facial cleaning routine. In order to do the face brushing sequence you need a small natural-fiber bristle brush . The important thing to look for when selecting the appropriate face brush are natural plant fiber bristles. Do not use the type with plastic bristles because it will not have the same effect. I'm excited to announce that T-Tapp now sells  face brushes ! In addition to the Body Brushing Sequence,  Teresa Tapp created a special Face Brushing Sequence that has been proven

Benefits of Body Brushing

Body brushing is incredible for the skin and healing of the body. Europeans have been body brushing for centuries...maybe that's why they look so fantastic! This blog post will go into some education about What is Body Brushing? Body Brushing is also known as skin brushing and dry brushing . It's done using a natural bristle brush, like the T-Tapp Body Brush pictured above ($11.00, ). Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp Workout and author of Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes , has developed a specific body brushing pattern that's proven to be effective for all ages and a variety of health and beauty concerns. Teresa's pattern involves brushing the entire body from the feet all the way up to the neckline. Once finished go back and brush the areas that need a little extra attention, such as the butt, thighs and abdomen.  It's best to body brush first thing in the morning , when the increased blood flow will help wake you up and the body is in a natur

Amazing Eats at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Last night I had the most fabulous meal with my sista at Pappadeaux in Atlanta. She's been keeping this place a secret from me! We get there around 8pm and find out that she knows the hostess from way back. (Our buzzer literally went off after about 5 minutes when there was over a 40 minute wait for a table. VIP!) The first thing that we ordered was the most delicious dip I have EVER put in my mouth, hands down! Lump Crab & Spinach Dip with crispy garlic cheese bread ...OMG. I could eat that by itself and call it a night. I saw a woman with this drink and had to order one for myself. It's called a Swamp Thing made from a mix of raspberry and melon liqueurs blended with frozen Hurricane & Margarita . Fantastic! Brain freeze though. I hate to admit that even though I'm a Florida girl, I've never had oysters before . She was shocked and insisted that we order some. Her favorites were the Oysters Baton Rouge - oysters on the half shell baked with a Parm