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Here we are, already one month into 2014. I meant to publish a post about my January fitness intentions a month ago, so since the time has already slipped away this is now my February post.

I've been putting more energy into improving my health lately -- working on being consistent with exercise and eating better overall. Here's a quick recap of my progress, what I did to get here and my intentions for February.

Measurements/Weight Progress:
  • From December 2013 to January 2014, I lost 4.5 inches and almost 2 pounds. 
    • My leg measurements evened out with only a half an inch gained, but besides that I gained zero inches. Very pleased with this progress!
  • From January to today, I gained back 3 inches and lost 1 pound.
    • Half of the inch gain is around my mid section and is related to what T-Tappers calls the "fat shift." I lost half an inch in my abs, which appears to have shifted up to my waist and rib measurements. My legs shifted a bit too and are no longer even as the were at the beginning of January.
  • Cumulative loss since December 2013: 1.5 inches, 3 pounds
Workouts and Insights:
  • I worked out 6 times in December and 13 times in January, some short and some longer. Mostly all T-Tapp workouts, a little yoga/stretching and a few walks.
  • There were several times last month that my diet slipped and I skipped several workouts.
    • I celebrated my birthday in the Georgia mountains on January 24th, and everything went out the window last week when I had my first snow days in Atlanta.
    • I also slipped on ice and the impact took me down for a few days. (Bruises are no fun.)
  • My back/neck/head/body have been aching quite a bit, regardless of more consistent workouts. Would love to feel better, and may look into alternative methods of healing (or at least get a massage soon).
February Intentions:
  • Take on the T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge, starting now! I entered officially near the end of last month and was accepted today.
    • Workout plan is to move daily:  Full workouts 3-4 times per week (30-60 minutes each), Short workouts/stretching 3 times per week (5-20 minutes each)
    • Body brush daily
    • Post in forms weekly, and read for motivation
  • Drink 8+ glasses of water per day
    • Include hot lemon water/green tea in the morning
  • Eat 5+ servings of produce daily
  • Record food and fitness on SparkPeople daily
  • Only drink alcohol on weekends, and stick to red wine or champagne
  • Be present and listen to my body
That's all for now. Here's to a productively healing month!


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