We're officially a little more than half way into the 2014 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge...seems like the right time to reflect and set myself up to soar through the second half.

Challenge Details
For those not familiar with the T-Tapp workout, it's an effective total body workout series (not tap dancing!) that focuses on building core strength, flexibility and reshaping the body. Results are measured in inches lost vs. pounds, and most are able to lose at least a size per month with consistent workouts.

The first Challenge of 2014 started on January 25 and runs through March 25. During the Challenge, participants are required to only do T-Tapp workouts (there are plenty of options to choose from!) for the 60 day period, take before and after measurements and photos to submit online. The goal is consistency, not to workout every day of the Challenge. Registration process is easy (currently closed for this one), support from other participants is excellent, and reviewing results from previous Challenge winners is inspiring enough to make you want to get off the couch and into your workout gear. Check out T-Tapp.com for more information and sample exercises to try for free.

My Progress
Over the last 30+ days I've had a lot going on in my personal life, and have experienced several new health issues that set me back a little. Despite everything that's been happening, I keep T-Tapping regularly. Maybe not every day or every scheduled workout, but I'm doing what I can and that counts as progress. Believe it or not, even a little T-Tapp is greatly beneficial. Adhering to the rules, I've only done walking (outside with the dog, on the Beltline trails, to dinner and back, etc.) in addition to the workouts. On my list after the Challenge is to buy a bicycle and add a little yoga back to the mix.

Although I haven't officially measured since January, I have weighed myself and so far I'm down about 6 pounds. Just tried on a few pairs of skinny jeans this morning, which I could not get into in December, and they fit! That's proof alone that inch loss is happening as well. All of this without really sticking to the schedule I created for myself.

Second Half Game Plan

  • Move daily: Full workouts 3-4 times per week (30-60 minutes each), Short workouts/stretching/walking 3 times per week (5-20 minutes each)
  • Incorporate Ladybug Workout and more floor exercises in general
  • Body brushing daily
  • Continue to drink lots of water

Can't wait to see total progress at the end of March! I'll post a Challenge recap with my total results after the 25th.

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