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Challenge Crunch Time

We're officially a little more than half way into the 2014 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge...seems like the right time to reflect and set myself up to soar through the second half. Challenge Details For those not familiar with the T-Tapp workout, it's an effective total body workout series (not tap dancing!) that focuses on building core strength, flexibility and reshaping the body. Results are measured in inches lost vs. pounds, and most are able to lose at least a size per month with consistent workouts. The first Challenge of 2014 started on January 25 and runs through March 25. During the Challenge, participants are required to only do T-Tapp workouts (there are plenty of options to choose from!) for the 60 day period, take before and after measurements and photos to submit online. The goal is consistency, not to workout every day of the Challenge. Registration process is easy (currently closed for this one), support from other participants is excellent, and reviewing

Big news... I'm engaged!

To celebrate our 9th anniversary of dating (can't believe how quickly the years have passed!), my man arranged a special date night for us. We started the night off at SkyView Atlanta , a brand new Ferris wheel downtown that's almost 20 stories high. I adore carnival rides and roller coasters, so this was a fun way to kick off our date. Plus, it's so pretty and lit up at night. We got our own gondola, and on the second time around while we were at the top... he proposed! I obviously said yes, hence this post, and totally cried happy tears. Then he told me that the ring was my grandmother's, which made it even more special and brought on more tears. We're both thrilled that it's now "official" after all these years! After the ride ended, we walked over to the Westin for a fancy dinner out at the Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View , a tri-level complex featuring a revolving restaurant and lounge. This is by far the best place to go in Atlanta f

February 2014: Progress & Intentions

{ Instagram from my snow day last week } Here we are, already one month into 2014. I meant to publish a post about my January fitness intentions a month ago, so since the time has already slipped away this is now my February post. I've been putting more energy into improving my health lately -- working on being consistent with exercise and eating better overall. Here's a quick recap of my progress, what I did to get here and my intentions for February. Measurements/Weight Progress: From December 2013 to January 2014, I lost 4.5 inches and almost 2 pounds.  My leg measurements evened out with only a half an inch gained, but besides that I gained zero inches. Very pleased with this progress! From January to today, I gained back 3 inches and lost 1 pound. Half of the inch gain is around my mid section and is related to what T-Tappers calls the "fat shift." I lost half an inch in my abs, which appears to have shifted up to my waist and rib measurements