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It's getting HOT in here!

Oh, how I miss the Far Infrared Sauna! (Especially on colder days... and I say "colder" as a Floridian living in Georgia where we get "flurries" and I freeze.) A few years back when I was still living in sunny Florida, my friend had one of these babies in her spare bedroom and I was lucky enough to use it frequently. Let me tell you, it was well worth a weekly visit to have an "appointment" with myself to relax, detox and sweat it out. I'm now on a quest to find one in Atlanta, and a few options look promising so far.

My routine while the sauna was heating up was to "warm up" with T-Tapp's Primary Back Stretch exercise and body brushing sequence to get my lymphatic system going. I sat in the sauna for about 15 minutes, somewhere between 110-120 degrees. The trick is to work up to higher temperatures gradually. Holy hotness!!! I would drip in sweat, literally, but I can't tell you how refreshed I felt afterward. It really helped with …