A while back I did an experiment where I tried to change my habits and transform myself from a night owl to an early bird. After 10 days of attempting to wake up early enough to squeeze in some fitness...it was an epic fail.

The only time that I've succeed at consistent morning workouts is during T-Tapp Fitness Retreats where the first session can start as early as 6am. And I have been making it to 9am yoga classes on Saturdays lately. Yes, that's right... I can only bring myself to wake up consistently when I'm exercising with a trainer or workout partner. There's something to be said about accountability! On my own, I fit in more evening workouts since I just can't seem to pull myself together in the mornings.

Reasons, excuses, pitfalls (whatever you want to call them) AM and PM workouts can be derailed because of similar things. Just to name a few...how about low energy, short on time, incredibly hungry. Sound familiar? What's important is that you find a time (any time of day!) that works for YOU. Moving your body is critical to overall health, wellness and fitness. In the end, your body doesn't mind if you exercise at sunrise or 10pm. Make movement a part of your lifestyle and as long as you get it in, it counts!

What time of day do you exercise and why?

I don't know about you, but I'm going to workout now. :)


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