I planned on going home to Tampa Bay, Florida for Summer Solstice to completely relax, bask in the sunshine, go out on the boat and catch up with my friends and family. Great vacation plan, right? Unfortunately, I only got a few hours of sunny pool time at Safety Harbor Resort & Spa before the relentless rain began to pour. Tropical Storm Debby Downer, as I called her, was on her way to visit through Florida the same time I was. Tampa Bay received about a foot of rain with areas flooding, streets blocked off and schools closing. Seriously crazy weather for the first official week of summer. The boat was completely out, so I spent the whole week hanging with friends and visiting with family.

Vacation Highlights

  • I did squeeze in a 6am workout with Miss Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp Workout. We did an hour routine at the Spa, with part of it on the bar. I left feeling amazing.
  • Went to a friend's concert at State Theater in downtown St. Pete, my old stomping ground, and partied late night like old times.
  • Had a lunch with the T-Tapp staff on Friday. Tried the Taco Bus and Datz Deli for the first time. Both were yummy!
  • Even though the rain never seemed to stop, read The Hunger Games and had fun doing a whole lotta nada.
  • I got a first class upgrade on my flight home! Guess it pays to know people at the ticket counter.
Here's an Instagram recap of my trip...

Going home for Halloween week and hoping for some real sunshine that time around!


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