Arabia Mountain, located in DeKalb Country, Georgia, about 30 minutes west of Atlanta. Today I took a day trip for a little hiking with Roxy pup and friends. I love being outdoors and the weather has been fantastic this weekend! It was very sunny with a breeze, even in the late afternoon.

The mountain is a granite monadnock, which translates to an exposed rock hill, and is covered in "pools" of small plants like these bright-red diamorpha succulents. The mountain's peak is about 940 feet above sea level. We hiked to the top, down and around the side, back up and down again. I'm guessing that's about a mile...and I can feel it!

Here's another view from the top:

Roxy pup was a great hiker! She could have been mistaken for a mountain goat with her agility and speed. Such a little trooper!

Pools of wildflowers scattered about the rock...

This is a spot that I will surely visit again soon! Being active outdoors is an easy way that I sneak in a little fitness.

What activities do you enjoy doing outdoors? Tell me in a comment below!


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