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Risotto de Patatas @ Eclipse de Luna

Recently I dined at Eclipse di Luna restaurant with a few friends after work for some girl time -- tapas style. We ordered way too much (that's the fun of it!) and in the midst of good conversation I (unfortunately) was only able to snap this single photo.

Risotto de Patatas
Creamy Potato, Sweet Peas, Grilled Corn, & Manchego Cheese, "Risotto Style"

I've never had potatoes "risotto style" and must say that this dish was mighty tasty, rich and filling. Love that it's baked in a cast iron dish too! I also ordered this:

Esparragos Asados con Almendras
Grilled Asparagus, Sherry Vinegar and Toasted Almonds

The asparagus was very simple and light -- a perfect compliment to the rich risotto.

Would recommend this place to friends with a warning that it's really tucked back behind all of the home decor shops.

Eclipse di Luna
764 Miami Circle Northeast
Atlanta, GA

Restaurant of the Future: Do [dough] at the View

Do, pronounced dough, opened in 2011 in West Midtown, Atlanta. Since then I've been wanting to experience the restaurant for myself. So when a few of my girls decided to do dinner and drinks on a Thursday night, Do was the perfect spot for us to try. After dropping our car with valet we entered the restaurant and were immediately drawn into the atmosphere. A modern look with white furniture and walls made a perfect canvas for the large projection screens playing video that surround the walls of the restaurant. The combination of technology with a music theme involving food is a completely new concept and so intriguing to me -- I'm a geeky girl at heart.

Shortly after the hostess seated us we were greeted by our two waiters -- yes two! They offered instructions for ordering on the iPad and informed us about a music iPhone app for the restaurant that allows patrons to control and rate the songs. We ordered our drinks and food on the iPad with just a few clicks! I got a lemon dr…

Brussels Mania!

It all started at Yeah! Burger with their Local Roasted Brussels with Goat Cheese side last month. One taste and I was hooked! Growing up brussels sprouts were one of my least favorite vegetables. I somehow completely avoided eating them. After all these years my tastes have changed! I roasted brussels for the first time ever the other night and they were fantasic. Don't they look tasty?!

I topped them with a little fresh goat cheese served along side my Spicy Black Bean & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers. Truly delicious vegetarian meal right here!

Another evening, I made the same brussels sprouts with a garlic chicken sausage from Trader Joe's and a slice of Ezekiel toast. mouth is officially watering...

Are there any foods that you disliked growing up, but adore now?
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