First, I'd like to say...THANK YOU PINTEREST! Now I'm always finding delicious looking food, and this one is mighty tasty. As I promised the Twitterverse, here's my post on the amazing Quinoa Burgers I made last night. Adapted from this fabulous recipe by Linda @ Eating Well...Living Thin.

For this recipe I used a mix of goat cheese and sour cream instead of cottage cheese, since that was all I had in my kitchen. It was about the same consistency and worked well. I also added sunflower seeds for extra crunch. I ate mine on a green salad, but I'm sure these would be delicious on a bun all dressed up like a regular burgers. However, this is no regular packs a lot of flavor WITH great nutrition.

I also made minis in a mini muffin pan -- I adore anything bite size! Enjoyed a few of these on my salad for lunch today and they turned out great.

You will be seeing many more Quinoa "burgers" on the blog, with a variety of flavor combinations. I love how versatile Quinoa is!


  1. I am absolutely trying these. Think these would be ok with cheddar instead of goat cheese? Thanks for posting!

  2. Definitely! I think you could substitute any kind of cheese. The original recipe calls for 3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese and 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese.

  3. Ooh, those burgers looks really tasty!