Yeah Burger is my new favorite burger joint. They serve it up organic, free-range, grass-fed locally-sourced style...and I like that. This, my friends, is the Yeah Veggie Burger. Made with a homemade veggie patty, lettuce, onion rings, roasted garlic aioli and pimento cheese. I love how there's so much melted cheese that you can't even SEE the burger. { to die for } 

I went to the Midtown Atlanta location on my lunch break with a few coworkers. It was pretty slammed with a line out the door, but we were able to order and get a table in about 15 minutes or less. The food was no less than amazing. I have no complaints. One thing that struck me as strange was that the numbers we got for our table were 11 and 22, the day's date, a palindrome and master numbers. A sign from the universe, I'd say.


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