There's nothing like a hearty vegetable soup in the autumn. Last weekend I roasted an organic butternut squash and a pumpkin slathered in organic coconut oil. I just threw this one together, but it turned out great! Super easy, healthy and that.

Recipe time!

Roast the squash at 400-degrees for about 30-50 minutes or until soft. Let the squash cool, then scrape the goodness out of the shells into a soup pan, and mash it all together like potatoes. Add a few cups of organic vegetable broth and stir together over a low heat.

Chop up some onion and saute in separate pan with garlic until soft. Then mix them together in the soup pan.

Add a cup of organic cream or milk of some kind to the soup and mix.

Add some spices to the soup. I used cinnamon, ginger, salt and pepper because that's all I had on hand. This would be great with pumpkin pie spice and curry for kick.

Serve with crumbled goat cheese and sliced jalapenos

So delicious I could eat it for breakfast.



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