Yesterday morning I walked to the Piedmont Green Market from my place. I seriously LOVE living in such a walkable part of Atlanta! The weather was perfect; colder than normal (boots and scarf weather) with clear blue sunny skies and a cool breeze of crisp Autumn air. One of the organic produce vendors at the market had a wide range of tomatoes from heirloom to orange. They were gorgeous and I couldn't resist buying two green tomatoes and a carton of cherry tomatoes.

Last night I made Cajun Fried Green Tomatoes. There wasn't any flour on hand, so I used Panko and Cajun seasoning for breading. Once sliced I salted the tomato with Himalayan salts (amazing stuff) and let it rest for 5 minutes. In the meantime organic coconut oil heated up in my pan. I cracked an egg and mixed in some almond milk. Then mixed the Panko and Cajun seasoning with some garlic. Dipped the tomatoes in the egg mixture then seasoning and started frying. I also made a Dijon mustard sauce for dipping and a few slices of bacon on the side. They tasted fantastic! (Just don't look that amazing.)


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