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Naan Bread Veggie Pizza

I picked up the most amazing Naan Bread from the Piedmont Park Green Market last Saturday. The vendor recommended making pizza with it and freezing the rest for later, so that's exactly what I did. The package came with 4 enormous Naan! Seriously the largest I've ever seen.

I preheated the oven to 350-degrees, slathered on some organic tomato sauce, layered organic spinach, homegrown jalapenos, onions, ricotta, cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Baked it for about 20 minutes and the crust came out really crispy.

Since Naan is a thin flat bread, this pizza had to be folded in half for easy eating. I would love to make a pesto pizza, barbecue chicken pizza and different interesting combinations with this particular bread. So good, easy and super affordable!

I love the combination of pizza and wine.

P.S. I ate pizza FIVE times in the last week!! Three of those times we got free pizza at the office, and I'm not one to turn down free eats. So now I'm completely sick of it and w…

Yogurt Tap Goodness

On a hot afternoon in Atlanta there's really nothing better than a sweet cool treat like frozen yogurt and fruit. This is my pick from The Yogurt Tap in Decatur, a mix of Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry yogurt topped with fresh berries, coconut and chocolate chips for crunch. Ate every last drop. Nom nom!

D.B.A. Barbecue Rocks!

I think I've found a neighborhood sports bar and grill to call my own... D.B.A. Barbecue! (Bonus that its within walking distance from my place in Virginia Highlands. Love that.) After a long walk around the city last Saturday we finally stopped to eat and relax. I ordered a Smoked Turkey Slider, Mac N' Cheese and Sweet Potato Tots. Beer was cheap, even Blue Moon, and I got a free "shot" for checking in on Foursquare. Sliders are only $3 each with choices of pulled pork, barbecue chicken, beef brisket or smoked turkey. Sides were $3-4 each with lots of great choices. Everything was phenomenal, including our hip and stylish waitress...and I especially loved the melt in your mouth creamy Mac!

This hot sauce was made with peaches! Sweet, spicy and tangy.

Food Truck Fridays: Yumbii Tacos

A few Fridays ago we took a lunchtime "field trip" to Food Truck Fridays at Atlantic Station in Midtown. There were several new trucks/carts there that I haven't seen before, Ibiza Bites and S & J's Woodfired Pizza, but I was already craving Yumbii. I ordered a fish taco and a pork taco. The fish was lightly breaded and fried to perfection - definitely competition for my favorite taco place, Taqueria del Sol.

Check out my food truck list on Twitter and to find and track down food trucks near you!

Cajun Fried Green Tomatoes

Yesterday morning I walked to the Piedmont Green Market from my place. I seriously LOVE living in such a walkable part of Atlanta! The weather was perfect; colder than normal (boots and scarf weather) with clear blue sunny skies and a cool breeze of crisp Autumn air. One of the organic produce vendors at the market had a wide range of tomatoes from heirloom to orange. They were gorgeous and I couldn't resist buying two green tomatoes and a carton of cherry tomatoes.

Last night I made Cajun Fried Green Tomatoes. There wasn't any flour on hand, so I used Panko and Cajun seasoning for breading. Once sliced I salted the tomato with Himalayan salts (amazing stuff) and let it rest for 5 minutes. In the meantime organic coconut oil heated up in my pan. I cracked an egg and mixed in some almond milk. Then mixed the Panko and Cajun seasoning with some garlic. Dipped the tomatoes in the egg mixture then seasoning and started frying. I also made a Dijon mustard sauce for dipping and a fe…