Posture, something most of us struggle with. Admit it, slouching is easy! Just not on your back muscles. After a while things get sore and muscle imbalances are created. It takes strength to maintain good posture. Let's try to be more aware of and get good posture this May!  With a little mindfulness and practice you can have better posture.

My biggest weakness for bad posture is using a computer! Many of us spend hours of our lives in front of a screen and often slip into bad posture. Here's a helpful image that teaches the proper ergonomics:

Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp Workout, teaches a basic stance designed for daily use.  She shows that it doesn't take much to "bend it, tuck it, lift it, curl it"!
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Need a frequent reminder to stand up straight? Check out iPosture, a smart device that detects and alerts you when your posture starts to slip. They can even be worn clipped on to your shirt or bra, as a necklace, or attached to the skin with special adhesive patches.
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Here's to working on better posture in May!


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