Last Thursday I headed out of the office for lunch with Jen. We decided on 5 Seasons Westside restaurant and brewery since they have a rooftop deck with skyline views. It was such a beautiful afternoon...and hot. Would have been a fantastic day for a cool brew, except we skipped the drinks in lieu of iced tea. (Warning: ice melts fast in these parts.) I ordered the Organic Salmon on a small Balsamic Slow Cooked Beet Salad. Have to say that it was spot on and a perfect way to end the week. I will be going back to this place!

Plus, I love the chef's philosophy:
"I believe fresh, natural food tastes better. I believe in supporting our local organic farmers and those practicing sustainable agriculture. I believe balance in life, nature and food is difficult and worth the effort. I like to pay homage to the great dishes and styles of cooking that have evolved since the beginning of time and put our own little spin on them. I want the 5 Seasons to be a positive force in the lives of the people who become involved with it and improve their lives as a result." - Chef Dave Larkworthy


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