Spring is finally here! Hello warmer weather, sunshine, wild flowers, dresses, tank tops, shorts and sandals. It's time to shed your winter skin and do a skin "shape up" routine to glow through this beautiful season.

Top 5 Things to Improve Your Skin Right Now
  1. Daily Body Brushing to refresh and rejuvenate your skin while tightening it and helping to eliminate the appearance of cellulite
  2. Take Premium Blended Alfalfa to feed your skin and recreate a collagen layer
  3. Drink LOTS of Water to stay hydrated
  4. Take Dead Sea Salt Soaks (or swim in the ocean!)
  5. Exercise regularly -- I recommend T-Tapp!

And one more as a bonus... eat well! That means eating your veggies and fruit to get the most amount of FRESH nutrients you can. Check out your local farmer's market or health food store to stock up on organic produce.

I'm loving the weather this weekend and plan on going to the park to soak up some sunshine and the surrounding greenery.

Au revoir!


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