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Spot on Salmon at 5 Seasons Westside

Last Thursday I headed out of the office for lunch with Jen. We decided on 5 Seasons Westside restaurant and brewery since they have a rooftop deck with skyline views. It was such a beautiful afternoon...and hot. Would have been a fantastic day for a cool brew, except we skipped the drinks in lieu of iced tea. (Warning: ice melts fast in these parts.) I ordered the Organic Salmon on a small Balsamic Slow Cooked Beet Salad. Have to say that it was spot on and a perfect way to end the week. I will be going back to this place!

Plus, I love the chef's philosophy:
"I believe fresh, natural food tastes better. I believe in supporting our local organic farmers and those practicing sustainable agriculture. I believe balance in life, nature and food is difficult and worth the effort. I like to pay homage to the great dishes and styles of cooking that have evolved since the beginning of time and put our own little spin on them. I want the 5 Seasons to be a positive force in the lives of…

Fitness & Green Smoothie 6-Week Challenge

I just heard about this exciting 6-week online challenge that starts on May 1st, 2011. T-Tapp has joined forces with the Green Smoothie Queen (The Raw Divas) in a NEW kind of challenge that will teach strategies to fit in fitness and shape up for summer!

Sign up for this! Fit In Fitness and Green Smoothie 6-Week Shape Up Challenge Membership will cost $49.95 and will give access to a NEW T-Tapp Membership area featuring 7 new muscle activation techniques from Teresa Tapp as well as 6 audio seminars from the Green Smoothie Queen. Plus, a weekly email with strategies on how to fit in fitness during the day, increase nutritional support without pills, gain more energy and sleep better - without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of a busy lifestyle.

I can't wait to participate in this!

{ weekend } T-Tapp Workout, Easter Eggs & Parks

Here's my ode to the weekend:
On Saturday morning I was up bright and early for a T-Tapp workout with Renee McLaughlin here in Atlanta. She teaches weekday mornings and some Saturday classes, and it's WELL worth the trip. I always enjoy being in a live workout class. It intensifies the movements for me and challenges my body in a new way (everyone teaches differently). Renee is a fabulous trainer...and I felt amazing after her class!  Today I'm feeling a LOT of muscle awareness. Thanks again, Renee!

After my great workout, I attempted to shop at the Marietta Square Farmers Market but many vendors were closing up shop or already sold most of the goods for the day. Next week I'll get there early! I walked across the street and picked up a flier for the Be Yoga studio. Looks like they have 2 free classes a month! Plus special packages, kids yoga, hot yoga, and Pilates.

Then I came home and dyed Easter eggs with Cayden. Remember doing that?

Today we had an Eas…

Organic Hummus from Trader Joe's

Have to say that I'm impressed with Trader Joe's Organic Hummus...but maybe I'm just starving! It makes a great snack with sliced veggies (or dinner since I'm still at the office waiting on one last project). And the best part is that this hummus is only $2.00!

Veggie Burger Delight

I picked up Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burgers at Trader Joe's this weekend for some quick lunches. Turns out they're pretty tasty. I think they'd be better grilled, but sandwiched in between this organic lettuce from the farmers market with mustard it makes a great lunch.

That little pacman looking thing is a Babybel Light cheese.


Raspberry Coconut Baby Romaine Chia Smoothie frozen raspberries, coconut water, baby romaine and Chia Bia blended together to a tart perfection. Plus a side of Ezekiel bread fresh from the farmers market with natural apple butter. Yummy!
I did Instructional #1, Hoe Downs and Awesome Legs with Veronica last night...feeling it today!

Marietta Square Farmers Market

I love farmers markets! So happy they come with spring time. Last weekend I found out about the Marietta Square Farmers Market, which happens every Saturday from 9am-12pm from May through November. We arrived and got an excellent parking spot. There were lots of tents set up with locally grown and produced products.  The place was packed.  I was in heaven!

In my shopping bag...

* 12 farm fresh eggs
* 1 pint of strawberries
* 2 giant hydroponic bibb lettuces
* 1 bunch of living basil
* 1 loaf of homemade Ezekiel bread
* 1 spinach pie
* 1 baklava
* a bag of PB dog treats

Yum! I plan on making Saturday farmers markets a regular habit this year. Love supporting the local community and reaping the benefits of eating super fresh food.

I'm in the T-Tapp eNewsletter!

To my surprise I was mentioned in the March 2011 edition of the T-Tapp eNewsletter today. WOW, thanks Teresa!  For those of you who don't already know...I left my position at T-Tapp in February to start a fresh, new chapter of my life. And yes, I do miss T-Tapp, talking to my customers and trainers, and the T-Tapp staffers. But I'm still doing the T-Tapp exercise program and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I had a really good run working at T-Tapp... 14 years straight! Most people are completely shocked when I tell them how long I worked at the same company, but honestly I loved it.

T-Tapp is a non-impact all-in-one workout (cardio, aerobic, strength training, stretching) that can be done anytime, anywhere. It works for all ages and fitness levels too; from kids to grandparents. No equipment is necessary and results come quickly -- you should see inch loss within the first week!  No joke.

The biggest reason why I worked at T-Tapp so long was because I believed…

Dark Cherry Banana Baby Romaine Chia Smoothie

The Magic Bullet is my friend! Spring is here and smoothies are one of the best ways to pack in nutrition, while helping to shed pounds (and inches) for warmer weather.

Cascadian Farms organic frozen fruits and veggies are on sale at Publix... plus a $1 off coupon. I stocked up! After watching that Extreme Couponing show I'm trying to be more conscious of sales and using coupons. Anyone else see that show?

Anyway, the frozen cherries are SO good! Today's green smoothie ingredients:

* 1 cup Original Almond Breeze (also on sale)
* 2 cups organic baby romaine
* 1/2 cup organic frozen dark cherries
* 1/2 banana
* 1.5 Tbsp Chia Bia

Blend and enjoy!

Have a beautiful day everyone.

Take me out to the ball game...

Last night we went to the Atlanta Braves opening game at Turner Field. We got some great seats, thanks to my new agency. The place was literally packed full of excited Braves fans. It was my first time at a baseball game of this magnitude...and I had a blast. It was truly an all American experience. I shared a jumbo hot dog with mustard and peanuts, drank Yuengling and cheered along with the tomahawks.

What fun!

Hello Spring! Is Your Skin Ready?

Spring is finally here! Hello warmer weather, sunshine, wild flowers, dresses, tank tops, shorts and sandals. It's time to shed your winter skin and do a skin "shape up" routine to glow through this beautiful season.

Top 5 Things to Improve Your Skin Right Now
Daily Body Brushing to refresh and rejuvenate your skin while tightening it and helping to eliminate the appearance of celluliteTake Premium Blended Alfalfa to feed your skin and recreate a collagen layerDrink LOTS of Water to stay hydratedTake Dead Sea Salt Soaks (or swim in the ocean!)Exercise regularly -- I recommend T-Tapp!
And one more as a bonus... eat well! That means eating your veggies and fruit to get the most amount of FRESH nutrients you can. Check out your local farmer's market or health food store to stock up on organic produce.

I'm loving the weather this weekend and plan on going to the park to soak up some sunshine and the surrounding greenery.

Au revoir!