My weekend was pretty exciting.  I spent last Saturday as a Makeup Assistant in Midtown, Atlanta.  Veronica (aka Vrok, my sista) is a Master Makeup Artist and was booked for a bridal fashion photo shoot.  (Visit her website:!)  The location for the shoot was at the Redefined Home Boutique.  This store is so much more than your average furniture store... it's a gorgeous display of luxury items that I'd love to collect for my home.  If you're anywhere near Downtown or Midtown Atlanta you must stop at Redefined!  The owner and staff were awesome and I was in heaven spending an enter afternoon in this place!  The gowns went beautifully with the background -- a perfect setting for this type of photo shoot.

It's hard to say what my favorite look or gown was because they were all out of this world.  Efran Lebron Arroyo's designs were stunning...and made me want to hurry up and get one!  Veronica did a fantastic job changing up the model's makeup to go with the 5 gowns.  And the girls doing the hair knew their stuff and were really fun to hang with too!  I enjoyed the whole process and love being on set.  I even got to be the "test shot" model for the photographer!

Here are some of my best photos of the day:

On Sunday I went back to Midtown with my boyfriend and puppy to spent the afternoon at Piedmont Park.  What a giant park!  So much to do and see.  Kids and dogs everywhere!  I can tell already that this place is going to be a spot I'll frequent.

 Au revoir!


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