Although it is highly recommended to wear shoes while learning the Total Workout or doing any standing T-Tapp exercises due to the arch support and better balance, the Barefoot Basic Plus clinic workout teaches the primary principles of how to maximize muscle activation and safely do the Basic Workout Plus without shoes. Application of these techniques can also be done while wearing shoes to increase intensity and effectiveness of ANY workout you do! You can feel it working your legs a lot more.

Barefoot Basic Plus

This DVD includes three workouts in one!

1. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout + Instruction (45 minutes)
2. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout Only (30 minutes)
3. Hoe Down Showdown 55 (45 minutes)

Last night I did the Barefoot Basic Plus Workout + Instruction with my sister.  It was her first time watching a T-Tapp DVD and doing those exercises, but with her dance background she followed along pretty easily and could feel the exercises working.  I was lucky enough to be in the class during the filming of this workout...and was amazed at how much more you can activate your muscles when you engage your feet.  Even just lifting the big toe will make you feel your tummy!  We may try the workout without instruction tonight.

Hoe Down Showdown 55 is also on this DVD. Filmed during our 2009 Retreat at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa, this record breaking, super aerobic "workout" features everyone doing 55 sets of Hoe Downs non-stop! Now YOU CAN too!  During the class I only completed 10 sets, which was enough for me at the time.  I taught my nephew how to do Hoe Downs the other day and he keeps asking to "do that exercise again"!  Hoe Downs are great for all ages.  Get this DVD to follow along to see how many sets you can do with good form. It's fun, challenging and you can get the whole family involved.

Overall this workout is well worth it! You get 3 different routines to work with and the techniques you learn can easily be applied to any other form of exercise or T-Tapp workout to increase your results.Yes You Can!

Retail: $29.95
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Have you tried a barefoot workouts?

Happy Tapping!


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