My secret is T-Tapp What's T-Tapp?  The most comprehensive total body workout on the planet which delivers fast results without impact, weights, equipment or jumping.  The do anywhere/anytime, cardio, strength training, body sculpting, core building, bone density boosting, pain reducing exercise program.

Sound too good to be true? Think again! I challenge you to try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose...but inches.  (Plus, T-Tapp even has unlimited customer support with trainers available to talk to or email with 7 days a week.  Now, that's unheard of!)  Just click the image below (or the link up there) to visit  Then go to the Try Before You Buy section of the site to test out a few of the moves.  I recommend doing 2-3 movements per day for a week...try Hoe Downs!  Measure your target areas before (arms, waist, abs, hips, thighs, etc) and again after 7-10 days to see the difference.  I know you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Last night I played the part of a T-Tapp Trainer (technically still in-training) and taught my sista (Vrok!) a little bit of the basics.  We've been talking about doing T-Tapp exercises together for years now.  And it's about time we worked it out!  I started our session with a talk about what her goals and expectations were.  Then figured out what the best schedule would be for her to achieve them.  We took "before" photos, measurements and I determined her body type -- she's a Long Torso/Short Leg like me!  She's taking a trip to Miami for her birthday in April and wants to look her best.  For bikini bearing vacays I highly recommend body brushing daily to get your skin in tip top shape.  I gave her my backup body brush and showed her Teresa Tapp's special brushing sequence.  Remember, all you need are butterfly-like light strokes to get the benefits!

Then we got to the good stuff... the movement that matters!  I went over the T-Tapp stance, how to curl the core and then taught her Hoe Downs -- a simple, quick move that's fun and easy to do anywhere.  Yes, I mean anywhere such as your desk or cubical, a bathroom stall, an elevator...get creative on how you fit it in!

Our Mini Workout*:
  1. T-Tapp Stance/Curling Core (against the wall)
  2. Hoe Downs
  3. Butterflies
  4. Triceps Curls
  5. Organs in Place/Half Frogs (extended version, bridge work)
  6. Awesome Legs
  7. Diva Derriere (shortened version, 15-10-10-10)
*All of these (except #1) are available in the free Try Before You Buy section on!

Needless to say Vrok felt the burn and had a great time exercising...and so did I!  We're planning on starting the Basic Workout Plus today.  I love teaching T-Tapp!  It's amazing how much I learned working at T-Tapp HQ for over a decade and training with the creator herself.  This program is WELL worth a try!  If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email me at casey [at] t-tapp [dot] com.

What's your favorite exercise program?

P.S. In case you missed it, Teresa Tapp was on FOX 5 Good Day Atlanta last week. Check out the video here:


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