On Monday, January 24th I celebrated my 30th birthday with my T-Tapp co-workers at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa restaurant.  Teresa ordered the crab cakes for us to share.  This time I have to say they were exceptional!  The last few times we've ordered the same dish it seemed like something was missing.  Well, the crab cakes are back and fantastic!

I ordered the Rum Glazed Grouper for my entree.  It was also really good...especially the seared shrimp. Yum!

When I got home Marcel surprised me with some red velvet cupcakes. OMG...heaven!

This dinner out was also sort of a "goodbye" dinner.  Sorry I haven't posted as much lately.  You must understand that moving your entire life to a new place is mighty time consuming.  More soon!

Au revoir!

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