Oh, the dreamy Kilwin's Candy Store at Atlantic Station!  This place is no less than fabulous.  (I've been meaning to post this since Valentine's Day. Whoops!) We went out to Atlantic Station, had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then stopped by this little jem of a shop for dessert.

The place was packed!  Valentine's decorations everywhere.  Think chocolate -- lots and lots of chocolate.  Fudge.  Homemade ice cream.  Candy apples.  Chocolate covered pretzels.  Pretty much a sweet tooth's dream.

I ♥ the lights hanging above the walkway. Beautiful.

The most amazing caramel apple EVER.

Au revoir!


  1. I LOVE Kilwin's! I've only been to the one in Naples, but man o man...nothing like it up here in the frozen tundra of Indiana :)

    That carmel apple got my mouth watering....mmmmmm.

  2. Yes girl! I'm about to make another trip to get a caramel apple... they are SO good (and still somewhat healthy).