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Green Smoothie: Kale Chia Banana

I finally found my Chia Bia again!  Chia seeds are known as the Ancient Food of the Aztecs... and yes, they were part of this Chia Pets!  Some of the health benefits of adding chia to your diet are: anti-inflammatory properties, reducing high blood pressure, improving heart health, help with Type 2 Diabetes, healing dry skin conditions, aiding digestive disorders, improving concentration, relief from depression, boosted energy levels, and balancing hormone levels.  And weight loss since the fiber helps to fill you up.  AHmazing product!  Here's a link to a detailed information page about this incredible superfood:

Recipe Ingredients:

2 large fresh organic kale leaves1 fresh banana1.5 Tbsp Chia Bia1 cup Original Almond BreezeBlend and enjoy!  After a little bit the chia starts to thicken the smoothie, so it's best if you drink it somewhat quickly.

Have you ever tried cooking with Chia Seeds?
Drink Your Greens!

Hiking at Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield

I got my outdoor fitness on today!  Went with the boys and pups to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield and walked/hiked around the area (using T-Tapp techniques, of course).  I'm thinking we trekked about 3-5 miles.  The mountain terrain was a bit challenging and I really felt my legs working it!  The monument pictured below was built in 1914 and located at the top of the battlefield mountain.  I love going to places with history - and the area was truly beautiful!

Here's a little history for ya:
Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield is a 2,923 acre National Battlefield that preserves a Civil War battleground of the Atlanta Campaign. The battle was fought here from June 19, 1864 until July 2, 1864. Sherman's army consisted of 100,000 men, 254 guns and 35,000 horses. Johnston's army had 63,000 men and 187 guns. Over 67,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured during the Campaign.

When we got home I stuffed my face with ate the leftovers from my Red Lobster meal, took…

Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits = Heaven!

I went out to eat at Red Lobster this weekend for Lobster Fest!  Have to say that one of my favorite things there are those amazing cheese biscuits. OMG, melt in your mouth goooood!  I've been working out a little more lately so why not enjoy a dinner out, right?

For my entree I ordered the Rock Island Stuffed Tilapia.  Fresh tilapia roasted with crab-and-seafood stuffing and topped with langostino lobster meat in a creamy lobster butter sauce. Served with fresh broccoli and a small baked potato with butter and sour cream. YUM!

[Recipe] Green Smoothie: Spinach Blueberry Banana Greek Yogurt

Just about out of all my ingredients - spinach, bananas and blueberries - so I decided to add some FAGE 0% Greek Yogurt for extra protein. It makes the smoothie thicker and more like a delicious treat. And for some reason these blueberries are REALLY blue! My whole mouth turned blue. What fun!

Spinach Blueberry Banana Greek Yogurt Smoothie Recipe:
2 cups fresh organic spinach1/2 frozen banana1/2 cup frozen blueberries1 cup Original Almond Breeze4 oz FAGE 0% Greek Yogurt Blend and enjoy!

Drink Your Greens!

Adorable Mini Wedding Cakes!

I stopped by D. Geller & Son's Diamond store today with my sister to get her gorgeous rings cleaned.  They just happened to be having a Tacori Trunk Show and a special bridal event.  Sugarplum Visions Cake Artisans was there with these adorable mini wedding cakes!  So super cute for the spring/summer season. They can make the mini cakes into larger versions and completely customize them for to match your wedding or party theme. Sugarplum's owner, Jamie, was a pleasure to talk to and I'm sure just as sweet to work with!
I did get to sample one of these cute mini red velvet cupcakes that had edible sparkles on them. SO GOOD!
Sweet dreams!
P.S. I have to say that the owner of the store and manager were both friendly and very helpful. I'd highly recommend checking out D. Gelle & Son's if you're in the Atlanta area and looking for some bling.

Boursin Cheese Filet Mignon & Broccoli

This meal has got to be one of my new favorites! A excellently grilled filet mignon topped with Boursin Cheese.  Make-My-Mouth-Water-Delicious!  I have no words...


[Workout Review] T-Tapp's Barefoot Basic Plus DVD

Although it is highly recommended to wear shoes while learning the Total Workout or doing any standing T-Tapp exercises due to the arch support and better balance, the Barefoot Basic Plus clinic workout teaches the primary principles of how to maximize muscle activation and safely do the Basic Workout Plus without shoes. Application of these techniques can also be done while wearing shoes to increase intensity and effectiveness of ANY workout you do! You can feel it working your legs a lot more.

Barefoot Basic Plus

This DVD includes three workouts in one!

1. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout + Instruction (45 minutes)
2. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout Only (30 minutes)
3. Hoe Down Showdown 55 (45 minutes)

Last night I did the Barefoot Basic Plus Workout + Instruction with my sister.  It was her first time watching a T-Tapp DVD and doing those exercises, but with her dance background she followed along pretty easily and could feel the exercises working.  I was lucky enough to be in the class …

Posture Power!

One of the first things that people notice after starting the T-Tapp program is a drastic improvement in better posture. It becomes easier to naturally maintain a good straight stance once you strengthen your core muscles with T-Tapp exercises.  Here's an article from a previous Woman's Day magazine that explains how to get perfect posture when sitting and standing. Yes You Can!
Click the image above to enlarge the article. And check out this video from Teresa Tapp to learn how to activate your body with better posture to burn more calories and fat throughout the day.

Happy Tapping!

West Cobb Diner

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my sista and nephew to a local place called the West Cobb Diner.  We were pretty hungry and ended up ordering a bit too much.  I finished off my House Salad with Ranch -- it was a fantastic blend of mixed greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cheddar, boiled egg and crispy bacon.  The Smoked Chicken Quesadilla with Gouda Cheese & Pico de Gallo was our appetizer and big enough to be a meal on it's own.  I had a 1/2 sweet 1/2 unsweet tea -- just the way I like it.  And their macaroni and cheese comes in as a close second to my homemade version. Finally we shared the Pastrami Reuben on toasted rye, with swiss, thousand island & sauerkraut.  It was my first pastrami sandwich and highly recommended by our 7-foot waiter.  In fact, he said "You're getting it. I already wrote it down. You basically ordered my daily lunch today."

Happy eats!

Old South BBQ

It was 7:00pm. We were all hungry. Seriously lacking dinner material in the house. What do to? Old South BBQ! This place is a local Georgia family owned restaurant that's been open since 1968.  It still has that old-timey feel to it.  I ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich on garlic toast.  My sista got the ribs and they were huge! Unfortunately, the green beans were sold out and they don't do mac & cheese... sad!  I have to say the food was on point though. YUM!

Kinda craving some more BBQ for lunch today...

Green Smoothie: Spinach Blueberry Banana

Thanks to the Magic Bullet I'm back in the daily habit of a green smoothie.  It's about time that I start to mix up my greens again though.  Eating 2 cups of spinach everyday can get old.  Thinking about switching to kale.  Here's yesterday's breakfast of champions... Spinach Blueberry Banana smoothie and a Caramel Macchiato.
Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups fresh organic spinach1/2 frozen banana1/2 cup frozen blueberries1 cup Original Almond BreezeBlend and enjoy!

What kind of greens do you use in your green smoothies?

Au revoir!

Pssst...I have a secret weapon for weight loss!

My secret is T-TappWhat's T-Tapp?  The most comprehensive total body workout on the planet which delivers fast results without impact, weights, equipment or jumping.  The do anywhere/anytime, cardio, strength training, body sculpting, core building, bone density boosting, pain reducing exercise program.

Sound too good to be true? Think again!I challenge you to try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose...but inches.  (Plus, T-Tapp even has unlimited customer support with trainers available to talk to or email with 7 days a week.  Now, that's unheard of!)  Just click the image below (or the link up there) to visit  Then go to the Try Before You Buy section of the site to test out a few of the moves.  I recommend doing 2-3 movements per day for a week...try Hoe Downs!  Measure your target areas before (arms, waist, abs, hips, thighs, etc) and again after 7-10 days to see the difference.  I know you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Last night I played the part of a…

Green Smoothie: Spinach Strawberry Banana

I am seriously loving the Magic Bullet. Less mess, easy to make one serving and breakfast is done in a jiffy!  Here's a smoothie I made on February 15th... it's boyfriend approved.

Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups fresh organic spinach1/2 fresh banana1/2 cup fresh strawberries1 cup Original Almond Breeze1 Tbsp FAGE 0% plain yogurta few ice cubes Blend and enjoy!
Au revoir!

Kilwin's Candy Dreams

Oh, the dreamy Kilwin's Candy Store at Atlantic Station!  This place is no less than fabulous.  (I've been meaning to post this since Valentine's Day. Whoops!) We went out to Atlantic Station, had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then stopped by this little jem of a shop for dessert.

The place was packed!  Valentine's decorations everywhere.  Think chocolate -- lots and lots of chocolate.  Fudge.  Homemade ice cream.  Candy apples.  Chocolate covered pretzels.  Pretty much a sweet tooth's dream.

I ♥ the lights hanging above the walkway. Beautiful.

The most amazing caramel apple EVER.

Au revoir!

Green Smoothie: Spinach Banana Avocado Coconut

It's been a little while since I made a green smoothie.  I missed them.  This morning I discovered the Magic Bullet!  Have you ever used one of these?  They are AHmazing.  I have to get one of my own.  So easy to use and clean!

Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups fresh organic spinach1 fresh banana1/2 avocado1 cup coconut waterBlend and enjoy!
Au revoir!

Consciousness Blossoms in Palm Harbor

Before leaving Florida my mom took me out to lunch at this little vegetarian restaurant in Palm Harbor called Consciousness Blossoms.  It's a cafe-like place on Tampa Road that serves breakfast and lunch.  I ordered the Hummus Wrap, which was huge!  And mom ordered a tempeh dish.  The place was clean, quiet and busy.  I really enjoyed my food, but the service was a bit slow.  Go there when you have time for a leisurely and healthful lunch.

We shared a slice of vegan carrot cake with lemon icing.  Yum!  (Sort of a late "birthday" cake for me.)

Happy eats!

My Tappy Birthday Dinner

On Monday, January 24th I celebrated my 30th birthday with my T-Tapp co-workers at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa restaurant.  Teresa ordered the crab cakes for us to share.  This time I have to say they were exceptional!  The last few times we've ordered the same dish it seemed like something was missing.  Well, the crab cakes are back and fantastic!

I ordered the Rum Glazed Grouper for my entree.  It was also really good...especially the seared shrimp. Yum!

When I got home Marcel surprised me with some red velvet cupcakes. OMG...heaven!

This dinner out was also sort of a "goodbye" dinner.  Sorry I haven't posted as much lately.  You must understand that moving your entire life to a new place is mighty time consuming.  More soon!

Au revoir!