Yesterday I had a long (and lovely) lunch meeting with Teresa Tapp at the Ceviche (at the old Tio Pepe's location in Clearwater).  The restaurant has a fantastic Spanish ambiance with a friendly and attentive staff!  Now I wish I took some photos of the inside of the restaurant (and our 6'8" waiter!) to share with you. Check out their website for more photos.

Here's what we shared... along with some really good wine:

Sushi-grade tuna hand chopped with capers, onions, fresh parsley and sesame oil.

Fresh salmon marinated in lemon, lime, cilantro, sweet onion and topped with caviar.

Fresh grilled asparagus with field greens and aioli.

The meal was fantastic!  I enjoyed all of it, but especially having Teresa all to myself for a few hours.  It was wonderful to catch up and be able to talk like real friends.  Thanks for another great lunch, Teresa!

Hop Tip from the bartender:  Wednesday night they have a free wine tasting where you can try 3 different whites and 3 reds, plus they buy your first round.  The wines change weekly.  (FYI - the wine list is extensive!!)  And if you're a female, bring 3 girlfriends with you to Ceviche and get a free cheese plate to share.  Awesome!

Au revoir!


  1. The food looks fabulous! I love tuna sushi.

    Having Teresa all to yourself? Priceless!

    Glad you had such a wonderful afternoon.

  2. This sounds wonderful! Teresa or no, LOL!
    We love food! Though we do love Teresa, too!
    Might need to make a trip.....
    But we are especially looking for sushi type places closer to Anna Maria Island.
    Any thoughts, Casey???

  3. *waves* to Elizabeth and Lori!!

    Ceviche isn't far from the Safety Harbo Spa at all. Maybe next time you come for a Retreat you can check the place out -- well worth it!

    Hmmm...I haven't been down to Anna Maria Island in a while. Not sure where to go, but after a Google search it looks like Ocean Star is the ONLY sushi in Holmes Beach, FL.