You may be asking, "A green smoothie?"  My answer is "YES! And they are fantastical."  Starting on January 3, 2011 (or sooner if you'd like) you can join people from around the globe in a life changing cleansing adventure to kick-start your New Year and your journey towards optimal health! Here are a few of my tips to help you prepare for the Challenge.

  1. Buy a good blender. I dream of someday owning a Vitamix or Blendtec, but the reality is that you don't need a fancy $400 blender to make a green smoothie.  I use a $30 Oster and blend for a bit longer on a high speed to make sure the consistency is super smooth.
  2. Stock up on organic produce. Check out your local farmer's market or health food store to pick out a few kinds of organic greens (kale, spinach, romaine, etc) and other produce for your green smoothies. It's a good idea to switch up your greens every few days. Stay armed with produce!
  3. Aim for one 16-ounce green smoothie daily. Green smoothies are great for breakfast or even as a snack.  Enjoy them any time of day and know that you're getting a treat chocked full of chlorophyll and nutrients to feed your body's cells.
  4. Try new recipes.  Check out, Victoria Boutenko's book Green for Life, Angela's website and also for ideas and recipes to keep you on track.

If you plan on joining me and countless others around the globe in this healthy challenge, please leave a comment below.  We can support each other along the way. I'm looking forward to drinking a green smoothie a day for the month of January!


Drink Your Greens!


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