You've heard me talk about Body Brushing and all the wonderful health and beauty benefits that come along with it, but what about Face Brushing? You can brush your face and neck and get the same type of benefits as body brushing delivers!

Facial brushing removes dead skin and stimulates circulation, which firms and improves skin tone. Your skin will become softer and smoother! It's like a mini facial massage every time you brush, a fabulous way to spoil yourself during your daily facial cleaning routine.

In order to do the face brushing sequence you need a small natural-fiber bristle brush. The important thing to look for when selecting the appropriate face brush are natural plant fiber bristles. Do not use the type with plastic bristles because it will not have the same effect. I'm excited to announce that T-Tapp now sells face brushes!

In addition to the Body Brushing Sequence, Teresa Tapp created a special Face Brushing Sequence that has been proven to be effective. There are 6 simple steps to this special sequence and it feels amazing!

T-Tapp Face Brushing Sequence (As seen on the T-Tapp Forums)
Use light butterfly-like strokes -- no scrubbing necessary!
  1. Neck: brush upwards on the neck several times
  2. Jaw line: starting at the chin, brush out in circular motions towards ear on both sides of your jaw
  3. Cheekbones: brush out in circular motions towards ear
  4. Forehead: start in middle of forehead and brush up and out on each side towards temple
  5. Nose: small circular movements over the nose
  6. Under eyes: tiny, light circular motions from outer eye in towards the nose (not out towards ear)

Simple as that! A great way to improve circulation, exfoliation and tightening, plus it only takes less than 5 minutes to complete this glowing routine. Brush daily for best results.

Get Glowing!


  1. I wasn't aware of this although I've been body brushing for months now! I'll see if I can find one here in Holland, I use a Clarisonic knock-off now but this seems more natural and probably just as effective ;) xo Sophie

  2. Just be sure to get a natural plant fiber brush. The bristles are much softer than the average body brush. Use light butterfly-like strokes on the face and neck.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, brush on clean, dry skin without makeup.